A bit about me

Saas, Ux, adventure, combat Sports

A problem solver and self learner at heart, I enjoy working on projects that challenge my knowledge and skills in an effort to build great digital products and services.

Through over 8 years, I have worn different hats from designing, developing and managing a range of internal and customer facing digital products and automation systems.

I currently work with a company here in Thailand making adoption of current and future cloud hosting technologies easy for everyone.

I enjoy learning and exploring new places, things, and ideas. In my spare time, I enjoy watching Formula 1, combat sports and staying fit.

Few things about me

  • Formally trained graphic designer

  • Self taught fullstack Javascript developer

  • Automated the processing of hundreds of thousands of internal emails for a Bank

  • Competed in Muay Thai 15 times - most in Thailand over one year

  • Lived in Thailand for ~4.5 years so far giving me the oppurtunity to also explore Hong kong, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singpore, and Cambodia

  • Doubled the size of a dev team in Thailand with design processes and Agile practices

  • Currently leveling up with Google UX Design Professional Certificate on the side